Raverco nv was formed in 1993 by Willy Vereeken and Urbain Rabaut (+2008). For more than 10 years, Willy ran the "W&H" business in the wholesale market in Brussels. "Urbain Rabaut & zn" was a concept in the West Flemish game and poultry trade.

Raverco's principal lines were importation of game and exotic products for the domestic and European markets. The business saw substantial growth in the mid-90s with the importation of ostrich from South Africa.

Gunter Van Baekel joined the firm as partner and general manager in 2004. During the import ban on ostrich  (from 2011 to 2015), Raverco focused more on classical game such as venison, wild boar, pheasant, …  an on lesser-known exotics such as  kangaroo, crocodile, zebra, … At the end of 2015, the import ban was revoked and since then this tasty, nutritious and extremely healthy meat is available again. 

Starting in 2016 Raverco was rightly seen once again as the specialist in classical and exotic game.   The professional partner for European customers from various sectors, such as retail, catering, food service, etc.

RAVERCO NV means doing business in a professional, correct and open way.

RAVERCO NV, the specialist in European exotic game meats.  

RAVERCO NV, your professional partner in game.

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The professional partner & specialist in ostrich, game and exotic products. Import, storage and export of fresh and deep-frozen ostrich, game and exotic products for European customers in various sectors such as retail, catering, food service, etc.

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